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Eurodriver Cooperative
Who we are?
Our cooperative was founded in 2012 to quickly become one of the most popular driver services in the Budapest metropolitan region. As opposed to taxi companies, our main profile is to provide chauffeurs for our clients to drive their own vehicles. In Hungary, there is zero tolerance towards drinking & driving, police control is harsh, and serious fines apply. Hiring a driver is a responsible, comfortable, and affordable solution for a safe ride home. Eurodrivers are available non-stop and arrive to your pick-up location in around 30–60 minutes from your order. Please use our online calculator to find out our exact fares according to the districts of Budapest and the municipalities surrounding it. Besides our driver service, we also offer a wide range of premium mobility solutions to both individual and corporate clients. Rent a chauffeur for a time-based fare if you need a flexible but professional driver on the long run. Moreover, if you don’t have a car, just choose one from our fleet and enjoy unlimited mobility. You can also count on us if you are organising an event or if you need a reliable provider of airport shuttles. To find out more, please contact us via e-mail or call our customer service.
Eurodriver Cooperative
Eurodriver Cooperative
Driver service
How does it work?
Eurodrivers are available 24/7 in the greater Budapest region

To place an order, please call our customer service at +36 20 533 53 53

Average waiting times
  • Budapest: 30-45 minutes
  • Suburbs: 40-60 minutes
  • Other: Our dispatcher will let you know
We will ask you to provide the following information
  • Pick-up location (district or suburb, street, number)
  • Destination (district or suburb)
  • Your phone number and the model of your vehicle
Further options & services
  • Rent a driver
  • Rent a car with personal chauffeur
  • Shuttle services
Please note that we are NOT a taxi company!
Our dispatcher will call you when your driver has arrived
  • You don't need to wait next to your car
  • Please make sure that you're available on the phone
  • Please be at your car no later than 10 minutes after our call

Eurodrivers are wearing blue uniforms that show our logo.

Our wait time fee is 1000 HUF by every 15 minutes passed
  • Click here if you need a driver on the long run
Cancellation fee
  • Budapest: 3500 HUF
  • Suburbs: According to the municipality

Your time is our money: If we are late, we give you a discount equal to our our wait time fee. 


During the trip, our chauffeurs will always adapt to the current road and traffic conditions in order to assure your safety and comfort. If you experience any inconvenience, please feel free to instruct the driver according to your preferences.

Eurodriver Cooperative bears the responsibility for its drivers in case of accidents and other material damages caused to our clients. We also have instant cash coverage for minor damages up to 600 000 HUF. However, please note that the costumer is responsible for the proper condition and documentation of the vehicle.

Most of the motorways in Hungary are toll roads. In case of regional transfers, please consult your driver to check your e-vignette and avoid traffic tickets.


Our chauffeurs will always take care to park the vehicle according to your preferences and instructions, as well as to follow the local regulations. Our base fares include reasonable time and distance coverage to find a free parking place. Please feel free to ask the driver to park into your garage or private parking.

After the arrival, please check if the doors are locked and all internal and external lights are turned off.

If you have any doubts or concerns regrading your transfer, please contact our customer service immediately, before paying any fares.

Payment methods
  • Cash
    • HUF, EUR, USD, CHF
    • Please notify us in advance if you pay with high denomination notes (10k & 20k)
    • Your change always comes in HUF
  • Debit/Credit Card
    • Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express
    • Electric or Contactless (PayPass)
    • Please notify us in advance if you choose card payment
  • Bank transfer (only for contracted partners)

Our driver will issue a VAT invoice on your request.

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the fare, please contact our customer service immediately!

We are eager to continuously enhance our services and improve long run customer satisfaction. Please give us a feedback about your experience and tell us how to make it better!

Were you satisfied? Please tell everyone!
You were unsatisfied? Please let us know so that we can improve!
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